Garage Band Loops


Garage Band Arpeggio Kit  v.1

300 MIDI Loops include arpeggios, chord grooves and step sequences.


Mega Loopz for Garage Band Ableton Live  v.2

The synthetic produced Loops are categorized to Drums + Synths.

Access Virus Loop Collection for Garage Band  v.1.0

Access Music GmbH, the company behind the award winning Virus Synthsizer series, released a free loop collection for Apples GarageBand.

Tune-Up Loops  v.2.0

TuneMedia's demo of 10 loops the forthcoming release of Tune-Up for Garageband.

Tune-Up Loops Pack 1  v.2.0

About Tune-Up Loops Pack 1Tune-Up for GarageBand Pack 1 is now available!

UVI African Traditions  v.1.0.0

Royalty-free loops from Africa for Garage Band, Logic and more.

IComic Extras Icons  v.1.0

iComic Extras Icons is an icon set of 49 icons that represent several colored folders, web icon, trash, iPod, iChat,Garage Band, Safari and some file types.

Ambient Keys

Ambient Keys is a polyphonic VST instrument plugin, with an ambient sound, playing hundreds of ambient waveforms and processing these.

Industrial Tones

Industrial Tones, one of MHC's VST plugins, has an industrial sound, playing hundreds of industrial waveforms and processing these.


Pianos is one of MHC's vst plugins, an ambient piano plugin playing hundreds of piano waveforms and processing these.

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